Covid-19 Church reopening Update

March 2021 Update


1. New booking system for attending


All requests to book a place must text or call the special dedicated booking telephone number which is:


07704 715 114


Please text or call each week before 6pm on the Thursday for a place at church on the following Lord’s Day service.


The best and preferable way to book your place is to send a text message with the following information: 

  • Your full name

  • The names of anyone else coming with you, 

  • How many seats you need for yourself and/or any others from your household, if others are coming with you. 


If you cannot send a text message, please telephone the same number, and if someone doesn’t answer, you can leave a voicemail message where you’ll be asked to leave the same 3 details above in addition to a best contact number (preferably a mobile number).

2. Confirmation of your place


Provided you text or call to book your place before Thursday at 6pm, you will then be contacted back by text message or phone call within 24 hours, by Friday 6pm, with confirmation of your place.


Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis so once we reach the 50 person limit for the Sunday, don’t worry you will be first on the list to attend the following Sunday.


You must have a booking confirmation that you are able to attend, if in doubt, please contact the booking telephone number


For data protection and GDPR purposes, by contacting the telephone number you are consenting to Knockbain Free Church contacting you to advise you of your place at church and also consenting to Knockbain Free Church contacting you in the future to update you on your place at church. Your information will be stored securely in line with our data protection policy, and you can ask to be removed from the contact list at any time.


3. Before you attend church


Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are self-isolating, or if you or anyone in your household have been advised to self-isolate by the NHS. For full details on COVID-19 symptoms and when you should self-isolate and stay home, please visit 


You are encouraged to take your own Bible and Psalm book with you. If you do not have your own Bible or Psalm Book, you can request one at the door but you must then retain that yourself and take home with you and reuse it the next time you come to church. Both the Psalms and Bible readings will be shown on the screens for those who do not wish to bring Bibles and Psalm books along. 


If you wish to bring an offering/collection then you are welcome to do so and there will be a collection plate available on your way in. However, if possible, please consider giving or donating using online banking. Please speak to Norman the treasurer if you would like more information on how to do this.

4. Entering the church


Please arrive in plenty time for the service as it will take slightly longer to confirm track and trace details and to seat each household in the church one at a time.


If waiting outside in the car park please maintain 2 metres distance between households. Please remember to wear your face mask, unless exempt on medical grounds. Your temperature will be checked using an infrared thermometer by someone at the entrance.


Once you have entered the building, please use the touch-free sensor hand sanitisers provided. All doors will already be open.








Please stop in the foyer to provide/confirm your details for track & trace for your household. 


If you do not have a Bible/Psalm book then please take one but you must then retain it and take it with you for the next occasion you come to church. 


You will then be taken to your seat by a member of the door duty team.

5. During and after the service


The seating arrangements in the church have changed. There are now 7 rows with 2 metres between each row. You will be seated in a row with 2 metre gap (4 chairs) between you and other households.








Please maintain social distancing between households during the service. The windows will be open for fresh air to circulate so please dress appropriately.


Remember that under current guidelines we cannot sing within the building and you should keep your masks on.


If you do not have a Bible or Psalm book with you and you do not wish to take one from the church, you will be able to see the Bible readings and words of the Psalms on the screens within the church.




If you require to use the toilet at any point, please use the one disabled/accessible toilet and remember to wash hands and use hand sanitiser.






We will be operating a one-way system for exiting the building therefore everyone will leave by way of one of the two fire exits. The minister will direct you to which fire exit to use at the close of the service.






Please take all personal items with you including any Bibles or Psalm books.


Please use the hand sanitiser at each exit before you leave and once outside continue to maintain social distancing and please do not stop and congregate outside the exits.

At the moment due to restrictions there is no provision of Creche or Sunday School but this will be kept under review.


Prayer meeting:

Every Wednesday at 7:30pm we meet in the church and on Zoom to pray for one another and praise God.


For more information on how to join in our prayer meetings either by the Zoom App or by telephone please click HERE or visit the Prayer Meeting page.

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